Blogs Pack 1000 Word Article Or Blog Post


Looking for some basic content for your blog or website. This product is ideal for you to get started. 500 words of content writing, article writing, blog writing.

1 Focused SEO Keyword (Phrase)

Fully Researched

Professionally Edited

Checked for Grammar and Readability

Delivery in Two Days.

Our 1000 word blogs pack is for anyone who has a website and wants to start getting seen and heard more. Perhaps you want to attract more traffic.  Perhaps you want to rank better on the search engines. Blogs are the way to go. So, let’s look at what this package contains.

Package Includes


2 Focused SEO Keywords (Phrase)

Fully Researched

Professionally Edited

Checked for Grammar and Readability

Delivery in Four Days.

Why Blogs Matter

Blogs are a powerful tool that helps your website attract, retain and return traffic.  It’s something that can keep your visitors returning time after time to see your new blogs.  They also show your potential clients that you are someone who knows what they are talking about.  Becoming known, liked and trusted in your industry and with your target market because of your blogs is an incredible power to hold. It shows you as an expert and helps to land more clients and more customers.

At the end of the day, clients come to you to solve a problem for you.  They look to you to be the one who fixes what is broken. The more information and guidance you can give them, the quicker you’ll build the trust with them. They are more likely to spend money with you, once this is the case.

There are other things that blogs can do for you. It can help you rank on search engines, especially if you know how to get them published. Reach out to us here at Copywriters International and we’ll show you how we can make that happen for you.


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