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What Does A Content Writer Do?

The days of taking out a few ads and considering one’s advertising budget well-spent are a thing of the past. These days, if you wish to succeed in business, you need compelling digital content that reaches as broad a customer base as possible. What does a content writer do? He or she controls your service or product’s branding within the digital marketplace.

There are different forms of content styles, and a top writer masters them all. An article should be informative, while a blog might be a call to action. The content for ad copy is concise and convincing. Regardless of the style, the content writer needs to bring his or her subject to the readers’ attention in the most effective way.

Fundamental in what the content writer does is knowing and understanding the audience. Who is your reader? That is the first question that should be asked. Is the content directed at teens looking to solve an acne problem or at a middle-aged couple seeking to remodel their house? What a content writer does is write for a specific audience.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the critical weapons at any content writer’s disposal is SEO – search engine optimization. Before the writer even begins to write, he or she needs to do keyword research to generate traffic and ensure that the content is seen by a wide range of readers. Keywords are the words people use to search for a certain topic. Is that middle-aged couple remodeling their house searching for “contractors,” “new roof,” or “home remodeling?” This is critical information for the content writer. The more they know about the keywords being used by users, the greater the chance he or she has of reaching them and catching their attention. Content must be read before it can have any positive effect. This circles back to the critical point that the content writer writes for a specific audience.

Content and Social Media

In addition to addressing his or her audience, what a content writer does is grow the product or service brand. In today’s market, this virtually necessitates being a part of social media. These days, even the small, local baker has a voice on Facebook or Twitter. How does that affect what the content writer does?

A content writer who is active on social media develops name recognition. Let’s stay with the small, family-owned bakery. What do they do to create interest and grow the business?

They tell a story geared toward their audience. It can be about the necessity of children eating a nourishing lunch at school. A parent reading this will think about the importance of fixing a healthy sandwich for a child. Thus, when directed to the baker, the parent already has a vested interest. This works with small companies and the largest corporations. A content writer makes a brand personal and relevant to the reader.

Of course, social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter serve an even broader context: they permit direct conversation with your audience and potential customers. It’s the digital equivalent of peeking into people’s lives and seeing what they are doing, what they need, and what their goals are. The best content writers become virtual detectives as they pay attention to audience’s comments. They engage the audience in conversation. By the time the potential customer is ready to do business, he or she is fully aware and familiar with the product or service being offered thanks to social media interaction by the content writer. They are, through the efforts of superior content, now dealing with a friend instead of an unfamiliar company.

Style Matters

We know that what you write matters. How you write matters, as well. A copywriter must understand the style that will attract an audience. An attention-getting headline will attract readers. A good headline should hit the reader at some emotional level that makes him or her click and read.

Tell your story and have a hook. Why should your reader be interested? What will keep your reader coming back? A good content writer captures attention as quickly as possible.

A content writer who can use humor effectively is doing an effective job. Much of what they create can be dry and technical information. Pepper that information with a bit of humor, and he or she has hooked the reader and compelled him or her to continue reading.

What does a content writer do? In many ways, he or she is creating a piece of modern art. The end result is a mirror of who we are, how we live, and what we want.

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