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When Will I Get Success?

You Will Get Success as soon as you choose to get it. Oh I hear you right now… You are saying, what do you mean sister?

Well, I mean exactly that.  You are in charge of everything that happens in your life. Everything that is happening in your life is happening for you, and you get to choose what that is.

You can choose to sleep in, not get out of bed and not live your life congruent with success.  Choosing not take action and put yourself out there will delay success. Or you can choose differently.

You can ask yourself when will I get success and choose the answer to that question.

See, being successful isn’t something that just happens to you, it’s something you must CHOOSE. You must CHOOSE to believe in yourself. Choosing to know you can have anything you put your mind is a sure-fire winner as is choosing to be successful.

People often ask me,

“Maini, I am working so hard, when will I get success?”

I tell them as soon as you have the right mindset around it and you choose to have it.

See, I’ve been successful in business.  I’ve struggled all along the way. Making big mistakes, I learned. Failing big time, I grew. I’ve also had my wins. 

I didn’t have those wins because I gave up. No Siree.. I had those wins because I chose to keep going until I got those wins.

I’ve been criticized, ridiculed, ripped off, betrayed and ill-treated, Other things I’ve experienced include massive hurt, rejection, and I’ve even been cut off at the knees. It’s all happened to me.

No one taught me how to be successful in business.. I had to walk the road of hard knocks. Walk it I did and I didn’t stop.  Refusing to let these things get me down, I found other ways and I just kept going. 

In the beginning I’d ask myself, when will I get success. How I wish I knew the answer that you are getting here now.

Because back then I didn’t know. I didn’t have great self-belief. Self-confidence was non existent. I didn’t even really have any clue what I was doing.  But I did it.  Somehow, I just did.

Perhaps it was because I knew that if I didn’t I’d go hungry. Sure I could have gone and gotten a job just like most people do, and I would have been very employable.

My soul cried out for something else though. I knew deep in myself, that I would have slowly died working for someone else, and so I knew that I had to find the way.

Finding that way would have been much easier though if my mindset was cleared of my negative emotions. The limiting beliefs holding me back such as I am not good enough, I am not wanted and I am not worthy really had a hold on me.

Not having the right mindset really slowed me down.  If I am totally honest with you, before the right mindset, I would never have created a business like this one. I would never have put myself out there like I have today.

In fact, I can remember in one of my businesses, someone stopping me to tell me how awesome my product and brand was, and all I wanted to do was run away. 

Instead of seeing it for the compliment it was, my mindset didn’t allow me to be proud of what I’d done, and so I was quite uncomfortable in a situation where I could have shined.

So, the answer to the question when will I get success is as soon as you want it.

Get your mindset cleared, work with an NLP coach like myself, and then know in your heart of hearts, that everything you want is on the other side of a clear mind.

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